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Download LPAT writing Level 5 scripts sample 2014-2023 here.

LPAT 2023 writing topic

You are the curriculum development teacher-in-charge. Write an email to the headmaster to convince him to include financial literacy in your school’s curriculum. Requirements:

  1. Discuss why financial literacy skills are valuable for students

  2. How financial literacy can be included into the curriculum

  3. One or more extracurricular activity which teaches financial literacy. 

(Download level 5 sample script here.)

LPAT 2022 writing topic

Write a speech for an educational summit. Examine the positive and negative impacts of having various stakeholders (e.g., parents and students) evaluating teachers’ performance. Give reasons. (Download level 5 sample script here.)


LPAT 2021 writing topic

You teach in a school which plans to modernize some classrooms and turn them into future classrooms. The aim of this plan is to offer learning spaces so that students can be better equipped for the future. Write an article for the Parent-Teacher Association bulletin on this plan. Describe your vision of a ‘future classroom’. Present at least two innovations other apart from digital technology which you want to introduce into this plan. Explain how they can improve teaching and learning. (Download level 5 sample script here.)


LPAT 2020 writing topic

Role: School teacher

Text type: Email

Content requirement: Write to the headmaster to suggest at least 2 topics for a one-day professional development event. Explain the reasons for the choice of topics and explain the applicability of these topics to your work. (Download level 5 sample script here.)


LPAT 2019 writing topic

Role: Presenter at a professional development activity

Text type: speech

Content requirement: how having healthy relationships help students achieve academic success, why it is important for students to steer clear of ‘toxic friendships’, ways teachers can help students withdraw from ‘toxic friendships’. (Download level 5 sample script here.)


LPAT 2018 writing topic

You are a teacher. Write an article for the school newsletter to discuss the activities and techniques to integrate e-learning in English lessons. To ease the worries of concerned parents, explain policies and preventive measures to protect against students’ using the screen for too long. (Download level 5 sample script here.)


LPAT 2017 writing topic

Write a debate speech in favour of or against the motion ‘Hong Kong is a gender-fair society’. Give at least two reasons to justify your positions, supported with own examples. (Download level 5 sample script here.)


LPAT 2016 writing topic

Role: Concerned member of the general public 

Text type: A letter to the Editor

Content requirement: 1. Give comments on an article which reported that Hong Kong ranks 49th in the world quality of life index, a decline compared to recent years. 2. Suggests methods for the city to enhance its quality of life in social, economic and environmental perspectives. (Download level 5 sample script here.)


LPAT 2015 writing topic

You have been invited to speak at a conference related to youth development. Write a speech to present a more positive view of Hong Kong young people, at least one reason why the ‘Kong kids’ label is unfair, suggest ways to develop young people’s sense of independence and maturity how schools and/or parents can contribute. (Download level 5 sample script here.)

LPAT 2014 writing topic

Role: school teacher preparing students to apply for a given ‘homestay’ programme

Text type: a short article for your school website

Content requirement: raise awareness of the influence of Japanese or Korean culture on young people in Hong Kong, at least one positive cultural influence, one reason why you think it is so influential. (Download level 5 sample script here.)

Due to copyright reasons, these topics are paraphrases, not the exact wording of the question.

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