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LPAT 2024 Topic Prediction 最新貼題 (Based on LPAT past paper)

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(Product has been updated, so the thumbnail previews above are not up-to-date. For up-to-date information, please refer to the following description.) (Based on LPAT past paper)


We have a track record of successfully predicting LPAT topics on this website (2022: procrastination, 2018: library use reduction, 2019: toxic friendship). A long list of predicted topics in reading, listening, speaking and writing with well-researched bullet points and vocabulary. All related to different hot educational issues that may appear in different papers of LPAT, chosen and researched based on intense research and analysis of LPAT past paper


The LPAT Challenge

LPAT speaking, listening writing and reading topics are often based on a variety of issues about education, like scholarships, pets in classrooms, improving students' pronuncuation, etc. Do you want to know what topic may appear in your exam?


You need to read, listen write and talk about educational issues. Of course you are full of ideas and wisdom, but is that enough? Many candidates don't have enough time to think of relevant and intelligent ideas in the writing and speaking - and that's why don't get high marks in 'Discussing. Educational Matters with Peers' in speaking and 'Task Completion' in writing.  


What you get

What you get is a long list of predicted topics based on LPAT past paper (more than 40 pages). Each topic comes well-researched bullet points and vocabulary about different hot issues.


A taste of what you will get:

Examples of the LPAT-style exam topics predicted in this product

- Making students future ready

- Whether paper-print textbooks should be replaced by electronic textbooks

- Apprenticeships vs traditional schooling, whether getting a university degree is necessary

- Should there be compulsory cooking classes?

- Promoting enjoyment in learning/ improving classroom atmosphere

- A radio station or TV station or YouTube channel for students

- Promoting problem-solving and design thinking

- Attention, flow, focus

- Emotional intelligence / adversity quotient

- Promoting entrepreneurial spirit/ leadership

- University students not graded on their attendance in classes

- Students and parents texting parents after school hours

- Should students’ first language be used in English classrooms?

- Promote more opportunities for students to practice languages inside and outside of the classroom

- Procrastination

- Different examples of parenting styles

- hermit teenagers

- Building a STEM lab/ Makerspace in school

- cut-throat compeition in education system

- the parasitic business of the tutoring industry


The predicted topics neatly fall into the following categories:

- School policies: teaching, learning and other academic affairs

- School policies: student development, e.g. activities, guidance and counselling, civic education, moral and personal development

- School policies: School policies: school operation

- Educational issues related to the teaching and learning and English

- Sociocultural and psychological issues affecting education or young people

and so on


How this helps

Topics for discussions provided for you to practice. Also provides you with ideas, vocab, sentence patterns, expressions and communication strategies in topics that you may come across. This will help you score points, avoid traps and common mistakes, and eqip yourself with strategies to tackle different types of questions.


NEVER RUN OUT OF THINGS TO SAY OR WRITE. Enjoy these insightful ideas and use them to answer new exam questions… especially when you get stuck. Save you tonnes of research time before the exam, and planning time during the exam. Get it now and benefit from my intense research!



Also contain bonus tips for improving your content and for coming up with more relevant and creative ideas, and recommened websites for further exploration. 


With this note, you can have something smart and insightful to say in your next meeting, job interview, or conversation with your colleagues.


Buy now because you deserve LPAT success - just a few clicks away.

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LPAT 2024 Topic Prediction 最新貼題 (Based on LPAT past paper)

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