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I understand LPAT is difficult - and that's why I am here to help. 

I was never a great student at school. I used to fail tests and exams. I still remember being hit by a coat hanger because I failed a Math exam. But I was fortunate enough to be blessed with some great teachers who helped me when I struggled. 

Therefore, I came to understand the importance of good teachers and good exam results.

Now, I have become a teacher myself. And, I got mostly level 5s in all the papers in my first LPAT attempt - stellar results! (See my result slip on the right!)

Going through LPAT, I realize that the exam is extremely tough. But I found some secrets too - after studying past papers way back from  when LPAT began, and consulting different language experts and experienced teachers.


LPAT is not an insurmountable hurdle that stops you from your career ambitions.

So, learn from my story and become one yourself. With my help in focusing on what is important, I hope you can study a fraction of what everybody else is learning and still get better LPAT results and advance your career faster.

This website is developed with the support of a British native English speaker, who graduated from the University of Cambridge. I am a BA and BEd degree holder specializing in English language education, also educated in the University of Cambridge. I have experience in teaching at local primary and secondary schools.

Enjoy this LPAT adventure now! Shop now because YOU DESERVE LPAT SUCCESS,  JUST A FEW CLICKS AWAY. 

Josh Chan

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