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Why can I trust you? Who are you?

1. We provide the only service specialised in all LPAT papers.

Some services focus on specific papers. We don’t – in our eyes all LPAT papers are important because you need good grades in all papers in order to achieve the EDB Language Proficiency Requirement (LPR).

2. I have a track record of successful topic prediction.

For example, in 2022 alone, we have successfully predicted the reading, discussion and presentation topics. In previous years, we have successfully predicted writing topics and grammar questions. 

Because of this, you can study a fraction of what everybody else is learning and still get better LPAT results and advance your career faster.

While we do intelligently anticipate questions based on our intense research, the goal is to learn to become better teachers and middle managers.

3. I have many happy customers with success stories.

We can say that we have helped many teachers succeed in their LPAT. We have helped:


  • current teachers

  • aspiring English panel chairs

  • NET teachers (native English speaking teachers) 

  • pre-service teachers, BA, Bed or PGDE students

  • those who want to become English teachers

  • TAs


4.  I study, research and analyse LPAT past papers intensely. 

I have studied the LPAT question papers from the latest ones back to when LPAT started so I know what LPAT expects. I know EXACTLY what EDB and HKEAA look for in LPAT.

Our level of personal tutoring service and method of integrating past paper research, individual needs and advanced language expertise separate us from other tutors.

5. I am an LPAT and language expert.


My IELTS score: 8.5 / 9 (very good user – expert user)


6. I have front-line teaching experience ​at local primary and secondary schools so I know what you need.

This website draws inspiration from my teaching experience in local primary and secondary schools. I understand the reality of front-line teaching – and that is important for your Speaking and Writing exams. Judging from the questions, writing and speaking topics, you know you need to rely on someone with teaching experience. 


7. I help you anytime, anywhere.

Teaching isn’t easy, so we make things easier, not more complicated for you. I provide:

(1) face-to-face tutorials,

(2) Zoom tutorials,

(3) individual consultation through email, and

(4) self-study materials so you can study at your own time, in your own pace.

Also, feel free to chat directly with our expert through the online chat-box at the bottom-left of the website - I'll get back to you as soon as I can. 

8. You may have tried other tutors but see limited results.

There are many other options but we are a world apart. Many teachers came to me disappointed with their experiences with other LPAT tutors.

They complain that some who focus on accents and phonetics, which misses out on the actual LPAT assessment criteria.


They also complain that some native speakers do not actually understand the LPAT exam and cannot help deliver what HKEAA expects. 

9.  I understand pain.

I have been through difficulties and I understand what it is like to suffer. I was never a great student at school. I used to fail tests and exams. I still remember being hit by a coat hanger because of my exam result. But I was fortunate enough to be blessed with some great teachers who helped me when I struggled. Therefore, I came to understand the importance of good teachers and good exam results. ​I believe LPAT is not an insurmountable hurdle that stops you from your career ambitions. Please let me help.

Enjoy this LPAT adventure now! Shop now because YOU DESERVE LPAT SUCCESS, JUST A FEW CLICKS AWAY. 

Josh Chan

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