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Exclusive Extremely Exam-oriented Essential Exercises (past on LPAT past paper)

"This is the only exam-oriented study materials I can find in the market for LPAT error detection and correction based on intense research and analysis of LPAT past paper. Changes my life!"


This exclusive  package of premium practice exercise can help you prepare for the error detection and correction parts of the exam—the most challenging part, yet the one easiest to prepare for.


The LPAT Challenge

I have analyzed and researched the past papers and hand-picked the most important points and designed this premium set of exercises closely based on the LPAT past paper error detection and correction questions.


What you get

- Practice questions based on the recent past paper with very similar target grammatical items tested, but the exact sentences and words are different, so you will practice the same knowledge, grammar points, and skills as in the past paper, but in new  questions and situations.

- The package are in exactly the same format as real LPAT past paper: there are two parts in each year--A and B. Part A in each paper contains about 10 errors/mistakes to identify, whereas Part B in each paper has about 10 passages to complete to explain certain errors/mistakes. Each passage has one or more blanks to fill.
- In this package, approximately 100 errors/mistakes to identify in Part A, approximately 100 blanks to fill to explain errors/mistakes

- Contains complete answer key and crystal-clear explanation based on the LPAT past paper


How this helps

-  Practice the same knowledge, grammar points, and skills  as in the past paperbut in new questions and situations

- Get extra exam-oriented practice

- Clear explanation to help you face new questions during the exam



The 2018 exercise (2B) is available here free-of-charge here:  


You can download the revision notes here.



Buy now because you deserve LPAT success - just a few clicks away.

此刻, LPAT理想 近在眼前

Exclusive Extremely Exam-oriented Essential Exercises (past on LPAT past paper)

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HK$380.00Sale Price
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