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Systematic LPAT Reading/Listening course COMBO (Based on LPAT past paper)

"With this, I worked less, but gain more."



此刻, LPAT理想 近在眼前


“I miss some key words in the answer”

“I understand the content but I’m not sure if I get the right answer.”

“When checking the answers, there’s always some difference in expression between the model answer and my answer"

“I want to polish my skills in preparation and answering questions"


Does it sound like you?


What is Systematic LPAT Reading/Listening course COMBO(Based on LPAT past paper)? 


It contains ALL FIVE STRATEGIES in the Systematic LPAT Reading/Listening Course, written based on LPAT past paper research and analysis. Click the links to learn more--

Strategy 1: Understand what response is required

Strategy 2: Read/Listen beyond the sentence level

Strategy 3: Read/Listen beyond the literal level

Strategy 4: Identify referents and read/listen across the lines

Strategy 5: Draw inferences and read/listen between the lines


Inside each chapter, you can find STEP-BY-STEP PROCESS, arranged FROM EASY TO CHALLENGING.


Each of the above steps comes with its own EXPLANATION, EXAMPLE AND PRACTICE inspired by LPAT questions.


After reading this chapter, you will become more proficient at: 

Reading/listen between, across, against and beyond the lines, using interparagraph contextual clues, grasping the global meaning, and reading/listening beyond the immediate vicinity of certain keywords, understanding figurative language, including irony, simile and metaphor, and explaining their use and effect, understanding the internal structure and coherence of the text and speech, recognizing how ideas unfold and build upon each other, understand connotation and implied meaning, and reading/listening more deeply and critically.


The LPAT Challenge

When you do the past paper, do you realize that you always copy a bit too much, or bit too little, or miss the keywords so you can’t get the mark? Do you have little idea how to deal read between, across and beyond the lines? Do you have difficulty unpacking connotation, ellipsis, implied metaphors, and ironic language? Reading and Listening, especially dealing with the challenging LPAT-level texts and questions, is not something that people are naturally born to do. We found out that there isn’t many courses which focuses on LPAT Reading/Listening, and that’s why we have created this one.


What you get

Our Cambridge-educated, B.A. and B.Ed. degree holder specializing in English language education with local primary and secondary teaching experience will guide you through your LPAT Reading text prep STEP BY STEP by teaching you the most STRATEGIC approach to improving your Reading/Listening skills. Each strategy is SUBDIVIDED INTO SEVERAL STEPS, arranged FROM EASY TO CHALLENGING, each with its own EXPLANATION, EXAMPLE AND PRACTICE inspired by LPAT questions.


How this helps

You can be guided to build you LPATReading/Listening skills step by step so you can have a starting point even if you are very weak or very strong. Going through these steps, you will become more and more ready for LPAT because there are sufficient examples and practice. 



Bonus tips and answer keys provided. It may also help you tackle the grammar parts of LPAT, and teach reading more explicitly in your own lessons.


Why do I have to buy it?

10 reasons to buy the COMBO

  • moves you forward in preparing for job-seeking
  • makes your CV stand out from the crowd
  • helps you regrade from CM from GM, or get promoted fast
  • helps you teach better, not just do well with the exam
  • saves you tons of time preparing for LPAT
  • helps you satisfy the EDB Language Proficiency Requirement
  • establishes your credibility as a teaching and language expert
  • helps you secure a proper teaching job
  • This discount is TIME-LIMITED


Buy now because you deserve LPAT success - just a few clicks away.

此刻, LPAT理想 近在眼前

Systematic LPAT Reading/Listening course COMBO (Based on LPAT past paper)

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