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LPAT support

· 做完past paper可以對番cut-off score,估計自己分數拿什麼level What are the cut-off marks for reading and listening? How many marks do I need to score to achieve a certain Level?

· 往年成績數據 Is LPAT difficult? How did candidates perform in the past?

· 温習時間表  I need a last-minute revision calendar.

· 免費下載急救包 Where can I download revision resources for free?

· 最新2024貼題 What topic are predicted for 2024?

· 模擬考試 What is included in the Mock Exam based on LPAT past paper?


· 晉升科主任 Any last-minute tips for achieving Level 4 so I can be promoted Panel Head?

· I’ve tried other LPAT tutors with no results. Why can I trust you?

· Tell me about exemption, certificate, requirement for Panel Chair, etc.


 閱讀及聆聽 Reading and listening 

· 改善閱讀及聆聽 My answer is always slightly different from the answer or I miss some key words. How can I improve my answering skills?

· 難點題型操練 Question type drill


寫作 Writing (composition)

· 下載2014-2023歷屆試題Level 5 答卷範文 Where can I see the writing LPAT past paper topics for 2014-2023? Where can I download Level 5 answer scripts?  

· 作文評改跟進個別諮詢計劃 I need individual feedback for my writing.

· 寫作能力提升 I want to enhance my writing performance.

· 詞句精讀 I want to quickly learn some LPAT-level vocabulary and sentence patterns.


文法精讀 Writing (error detection and correction)

· 下載LPAT 文法精讀 I need to find a list of extremely exam-oriented essential grammatical terminology to study.  

· 下載LPAT 文法操練 I need some extremely exam-oriented error exercises.

· 15分鐘自測成績預測器 Self-test grade prediction in 15 mins

· 必温文法詞彙表 Error correction SUPER GLOSSARIES 1-6


口試 Speaking

· 課程 I need face-to-face or Zoom tutorial lessons.

· 參加模擬口試 I want to enrol in mock speaking exam based on LPAT past paper

· 改善口語朗讀語調、節奏、語速 What exactly is reading with meaning in LPAT Speaking?  

· 朗讀錄音示範 I need free reading aloud demonstration video.

 · 歷年短講試題 (免費) Where can I see the writing LPAT presentation topics?

· 5級講稿 (2013-2022) Where can I download Level 5 presentation scripts  (2013-2022)?

· 會議技巧 Isn't LPAT-level communication strategies the same as DSE?

· 心得分享 I need free last-minute speaking tips.

· 詳盡總滙 I want to download 'LPAT Speaking All-in-One'.

課堂語言運用教案範例 Classroom language assessment

· 下載教案和講稿 I want to download a CLA lesson plan and sample script. Doesn't CLA use the same assessment criteria as normal lesson observation?

· 下載注意事項 Any CLA tips? What are the logistics?

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