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如2018 Writing 43.0%   Speaking 57.6% 


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Who needs help?

Pre-service teachers, BA, Bed or PGDE students

  • moves you forward in preparing for job-seeking

  • makes your CV more impressive

Those who want to enter the teaching profession

  • The EDB Language Proficiency Requirement is an absolute prerequisite in joining this career. LPAT helps you get that. 


  • helps you secure a proper teaching job -- no one wants to be a TA all their life

  • makes your CV stand out from the crowd -- particularly helpful for those applying for PGDE

Non-English teacher

  • boost your qualification, credibility and competitiveness, especially if you want to get promoted

Current teachers

  • helps you regrade from CM from GM, or get promoted fast

  • helps you teach better, not just do well with the exam

  • saves you tons of time preparing for LPAT

Aspiring English Panel Chairs

  • helps you satisfy the EDB Language Proficiency Requirement 

  • establishes your credibility as a teaching and language expert

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