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作文評改跟進個別諮詢計劃 Individual writing grading and consultation

Let our Cambridge-educated, native-speaking, LPAT-Level-5 expertise with local teaching experience review and critique your LPAT composition, or speaking practice (individual presentation, discussion or reading aloud).


The LPAT Challenge

LPAT is harder than you think. DSE 5** does not equal to LPAT Level 5. LPAT, as a professional exam, does require a lot of hard work but all the hard work you put in it will be worth it. Not only will you be able to qualify for your job, you will understand the nature of the language better, teach better, and of course help your colleagues as well. All LPAT takers should have good English foundation, so can make it with the right guidance.


The problem is:

  • Do you understand the LPAT standard?
  • Do you know how your current performance compare to the LPAT standard?
  • Do you know what steps you need to take to move to the next level?
  • Do you need to get hands-on guidance on how to improve your LPAT speaking and writing?
  • Do you want to receive tailored, usable advice specific to the LPAT exam?


What you get

With our grading service, you will get:

  • predicted grade for every assessment criterion based on LPAT benchmarks
  • Detailed analysis of your strengths and weaknesses, as compared against LPAT benchmarks
  • Understanding of how your current performance measures up to HKEAA’s LPAT standard
  • Specific, detailed and usable qualitative feedback
  • Actual demonstration on how to achieve your desired grade (i.e. rewriting sentences for you to show you how a candidate scoring your desired level would write)
  • Suggested directions for improvement
  • Hands-on guides on the next steps you need to take in your preparation


Detailed analysis (writing)

  • Organisation and Coherence
  • Grammatical and Lexical Accuracy and Range
  • Task Completion


Detailed analysis (speaking)

  • Pronunciation, Stress and Intonation (for Reading Aloud)
  • Reading Aloud with Meaning (for Reading Aloud)
  • Grammatical and Lexical Accuracy and Range (for Recounting an Experience / Presenting an Argument)
  • Organization and Cohesion (for Recounting an Experience / Presenting an Argument)
  • Interacting with Peers (for Discussion)
  • Discussing Educational Matters with Peers (for Discussion)


How this helps

Our grading service will help you:

  • Understand specific, detailed and usable qualitative feedback and hands-on guidance
  • Continually assess your progress against LPAT benchmark
  • Focus on your individual needs towards your LPAT goal
  • Take the next steps you need to achieve your desired goal


A taste of what you will get

Please refer to the slideshow at the top for what your quality feedback will look like.


What previous customers say about our critique

“Your invaluable feedback and useful life-saving materials have helped me a lot in weather the challenges…” – Real customer


"I got a much clearer picture of what is usually required" – Real customer


"Your commen also made me understand I needed to pay heed to task completion and maintaining good balance" – Real customer


Please refer to the slideshow at the top for more testimonials.


48-hour guarantee

Get a complete refund if you do not hear from us in 48 hours after you have submitted your work.


Simple steps

Achieving the LPAT success you deserve is simple. Just follow a few steps:

  • 1. Go to the top of this page, click 'ADD TO CART' (the red, rectangular button).
  • 2. If you would like to purchase other resources, repeat Step 1 to add more products into your cart.
  • 3. View your cart by clicking the 'cart' symbol or follow this link:
  • 4. Pay using your credit card, PayPal or Alipay (支付寶). Enter billing information and place order.
  • 5. After you have paid, you will receive an email confirmation. If not, just let us know by sending us a message using the yellow chatbox at the bottom of this website.
  • 6. Use any LPAT topics here: 
    •  Past speaking (individual speech) topics:
    • Past writing topics:
    • Predicted topics for speaking and writing:
    • You do not have to buy the products if you already have the LPAT past paper yourself.
  • 7. Send work to the email address ( in the email received in step 5 anytime you want. You can type your composition, or write it down on a piece of paper and take photos with your phone. For speaking, make a recording of your presentation, reading aloud, or discussion with a phone.
  • 8. Receive detailed and usable qualitative feedback within 48 hours of you sending your work.



Free chat support where you can ask questions regarding the feedback (simply click on the yellow box at the bottom-left of the website)


This is a limited-time offer. Shop immediately!

The reviewer got mostly Level 5s in all the papers in his first LPAT attempt.

Each order entitles you to consultation for one draft of one composition. If you have more than one draft or more than one composition, please order again.


Pay now because you deserve LPAT success - just a few clicks away.

此刻, LPAT理想 近在眼前


作文評改跟進個別諮詢計劃 Individual writing grading and consultation

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