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DSE English materials (ready to print)

DSE English study materials


You can use these materials for worksheets, homework or self-study materials. They are designed based on students' typical needs and can cater for a very wide range of levels (from Level 1 to Level 5**). 


DSE English Paper 1 Reading

9 files (80+pages)

- Understanding what a question was asking and therefore what was required in the answer

- Grasp of overall meaning (e.g. writer's purpose)

- Understanding figurative language (e.g. irony and metaphor)

- Answering 'what does ... refer to' questions

- Answering 'what does ... imply' questions

- Convoluted questions

- Focused drill on difficult question types

- Reading tips


DSE English Paper 2 Writing

6 files (190+ pages)

- Content (e.g. generating ideas using the PECS framework, thinking from diffferent stakeholders' perspectives, avoiding logical fallacies, use 5'E's to convince the readers)

- Language and style (e.g. proofreading to avoid common mistakes adjust register, tone and style to the TAPS: topic, audience, purpose, situation, use synonyms, meronyms and hyponyms to vary language, writing about a performance)

- Organization (e.g. write structured paragraphs with TEEN, 

use cohesive devices like repetition, connectives and pronouns, write engaging introductions, avoiding cliché beginnings, write thoughtful conclusions) 

- Different types of writing (narrative, descriptive, factual/expository, debative/discursive, letters, report, proposal, editorials, reviews, articles)

- DSE exemplary samples

- DSE past paper analysis

- Practice questions

- Writing techniques 

- Common language mistakes explained


DSE English Paper 3 Listening (Part A: short tasks)

4 files (70+ pages) 

- Listening skills (e.g. pre-listening: thinking ahead, while-listening: notetaking, post-listening: answer checking)

- Skills for common question types (e.g. tones, positive/negative/ neutral, cause and effect, completing diagrams, flow charts, filling in maps, extended cloze)

- Vocabulary you need to spell for listening (e.g. names, places, countries, sports, occupatons, numbers, countries, school-related vocabulary, expressions related to advantages and disadvantages, movies, relationships, personalities, feeling, food, common verbs, common adjectives)


DSE English Paper 3 Listening (Part B: integrated tasks)

20 files (110+ pages)

- Procedure and time allocation for integrated tasks (e.g. predicting what will be in the recording by comparing instructions on DF p.4 to Tasks 7-10 with headings on DF3 note-taking sheet, combining information from different data file items)

- Avoiding common spelling mistakes by recognizing how spelling and pronunciation is different



- How to read data file (e.g. how to locate, combine and process information)

- Tips for organizing information rather in just stringing the points together (e.g. using 'interspersed' structure, subheadings, connectives, advanced cohesive devices, labelling/signpost expressions, topic sentences, demonstrative pronouns, reference nouns)

- Turning graphs and tables into paragraphs



- How to get the highest mark in language, appropriacy and organization

- Useful phrases and expressions for business letters or emails- Getting high appropriacy mark for different text types (formal vs informal language, text types in past paper, common sentence patterns for different text types, how to cite statistics, opening and closing, tone)

- Format and useful sentence patterns for common text types (advice page, information page, speech, email, article, letter of reply/application, business email, report, survey, editorial, proposal)

- How to write complimentary close

- Sample writing on dealing with difficult situations (e.g. declining an offer, rejecing an application)


DSE English Paper 4 Speaking

5 files (50+ pages)

- Pronunciation and delivery (e.g. consonant clusters, long vs short vowels, rhythm, intonation, fluency)

- Communication strategies (e.g. presenting counter-arguments, dealing with limited responses, asking for and answering clarification requests)

- Vocabulary and sentence patterns 

- Ideas and organization (e.g. analyzing the topic, giving facts to support your ideas, extending other people's ideas)

- Dealing with different question types (e.g. giving advice, debate)

- Easy steps for improving speaking performance for studentts of average proficiency

- Speaking feedback assessment form

- Individual response (e.g. how to organize the speech, what to do if there is nothing else to say)

- Practice questions


DSE English Vocabulary and sentence patterns for writing and speaking

15+ files (310 pages+)

- Simple, complex and compound sentences

- Basic sentence patterns

- Advanced sentence patterns (e.g. verbless clauses, extraposition, coordination and subordination, parallel structure, appositive, anticipatory it, cleft sentence)

- Participle phrases, conditionals , inversion, adjective clauses, noun clauses, adverb clauses, gerunds and infinitives, adverbials, reported speech and direct speech,  etc.

- Sentence patterns for expressing reason, result, purpose,  contrast and comparison

- Sentence patterns for making suggestions, giving examples, indicating choices and listing

- Super vocabulary bank (130+ pages; hot topics for writing and speaking, vocab for test types, technology, school activities, collocation, proverbs, metaphors, sayings, synonyms, action, people, feeling, time and space, amount, size, variety, importance, situations, etc.)

- Vocabulary tips (e.g. word families, different text types, how to remember words, how to use vocabulary in writing and speaking)

- Practice and exercises

- Common mistakes explained 


DSE English SBA

2 files (10+ pages)

- General structure of an SBA presentation 

- Question-and-answer session

- Useful phrases

- SBA presentation rehearsal checklist


DSE Final reminders for different papers

1 file (10+pages)



There are a total of 60+ files (860+pages) (about 46.8 MB). 


The files are mostly Word documents; a small number are PDF documents. The ones in Word format are editable; all are ready-to-print. 


DSE English materials (ready to print)

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