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模擬考試 Mock exam based on LPAT past paper


- Paper 1 Reading 三篇文章、問題、答案

- Paper 2 Writing Part 1 作文題目 (共三份)

- Paper 2 Writing Part 2A, 2B Error 題目、答案

- Paper 4 Speaking Part 1 朗讀題目(共兩份)、Part 1B短講及Part 2會議(各一題)

- 實用連結 (貼題、文法精讀、課堂語言運用教案和講稿等等)









You will receive the following mock LPAT exam papers within a few minutes after successful payment through email. They include:

 - Paper 1 Reading: 3 passages, questions, answer key

-  Paper 2 Writing Part 1 Composition: 3 topics

-  Paper 2 Writing Part 2A and 2B Error correction and explanation: questions, answer key

-  Paper 4 Speaking Part 1 Reading aloud (2 passage), Part 1B Short presentation (1 topic) and Part 2 discussion (1 topic)

-  Useful links (LPAT topic prediction, grammar revision notes, classroom language assessment sample teaching plan and script, etc).

Printable. See samples in the screenshots above. 


If you would like to enrol in a bespoke follow-up service, please email a composition before 11:59 p.m. on February 2, 2023 (Thursday) for individual feedback within 48 hours for detailed comments and score predictions before your exam on February 5. Or you can choose to send a recording of your the Speaking answers before 11:59 p.m. on February 22, 2023 (Wednesday), and you can also get comments and score predictions.

* Click here for our track record of successfully predicted LPAT topics

* Click here for details and samples of composition/ recording feedback 

* Click here for testimonials from real teachers we have helped

模擬考試 Mock exam based on LPAT past paper

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