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Reading/Listening 3: Read beyond the literal level (Based on LPAT past paper)

Systematic LPAT Reading/Listening Course--Chapter 3: Understand beyond the literal level. (Based on LPAT past paper)


13-A4-page chapter with the following STEP-BY-STEP PROCESS, arranged FROM EASY TO CHALLENGING, written based on LPAT past paper research and analysis:

1. Understand the difference between a simile and a metaphor.

2. A metaphor directly states a comparison. They are common in special expressions.

3. But metaphors are not just limited to special expressions. Our everyday language isfull of metaphors (e.g. you are 'wasting' my time -> time is money), but they may be quite difficult to spot.

4. You may be asked identify several words in a paragraph that use a particular metaphor (extended metaphor). For example, in LPAT 2018 Question 1 on text about fake news.

5. Apart from metaphors and similes, there are many other types of figurative language, like irony.

6. Apart from identifying metaphors and similes, you will need to identify:(1) what objects or ideas are being compared and(2) explain their meaning.

7. Implied metaphors relate one object to another object without mentioning the second object explicitly. The most difficult questions ask you to identify the second object in an implied metaphor.


Each of the above steps comes with its own EXPLANATION, EXAMPLE AND PRACTICE inspired by LPAT questions.


After reading this chapter, you will become more proficient at understanding figurative language, including irony, simile and metaphor, and explaining their use and effect.


The LPAT Challenge

 Reading and Listening, especially dealing with the challenging LPAT-level texts and questions, is not something that people are naturally born to do. We found out that there isn’t many courses which focuses on LPAT Reading/Listening, and that’s why we have created this one.


What you get

Our Cambridge-educated, B.A. and B.Ed. degree holder specializing in English language education with local primary and secondary teaching experience will guide you through your LPAT Reading text prep STEP BY STEP by teaching you the most STRATEGIC approach to improving your Reading skills. Each strategy is SUBDIVIDED INTO SEVERAL STEPS, arranged FROM EASY TO CHALLENGING, each with its own EXPLANATION, EXAMPLE AND PRACTICE inspired by LPAT questions.


How this helps

You can be guided to build you LPAT Reading/Listening skills step by step so you can have a starting point even if you are very weak or very strong. Going through these steps, you will become more and more ready for LPAT because there are sufficient examples and practice. 



Bonus tips and answer keys provided. It may also help you tackle the grammar parts of LPAT, and teach reading more explicitly in your own lessons.


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Reading/Listening 3: Read beyond the literal level (Based on LPAT past paper)

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