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Writing Level 5 scripts sample COMBO (2014-2020) (LPAT writing sample)


此刻, LPAT理想 近在眼前


What is Writing exam scripts sample COMBO (LPAT speaking sample)?

The COMBO contains SEVEN EXCLUSIVE LPAT past paper writing sample scripts with comments so you understand what HKEAA expects. The writer of the passage scored LPAT level 4-5 for his writing exam. They come at a discounted price. The discount is TIME-LIMITED.


What does the COMBO contain?

SEVEN EXCLUSIVE scripts from 2014-2020. Typed. Full of grammar and vocab items that you can use in your own exam. 


They are namely:

2020: professional development:

2019:  toxic friendships:

2018: e-learning:

2017: Gender (new):

2016: Quality of life (new):

2015: ‘Kong kids’ (new):

2014: Homestay (new):


Inside these products, you can find:

- SEVEN EXCLUSIVE script from 2014-2020

- Very detailed comments about the good practices used in the scripts


A taste of what you'll get



2019: toxic friendship

Then, empower. Sit down with the victim, listen to him or her in a non-judgmental manner, and from that, give sensible advice. What counts as such depends on the actual context. It might be that he or she needs to fade out from the relationship, be frank with the friends concerned and point out how their behaviours makes him or her feel, draw boundaries and establish reasonable limits, or even say ‘no’ when the boundaries are crossed. It might be best if they part ways if the worst comes to the worst. In that case, teach them to be stern... Too often, students are taught to be kind and considerate at the expense of not protecting themselves from harmful friendships.


2018: e-Learning

No speaking lesson is complete with students expressing their ideas orally, but this was not the case in the past. Teachers were unable to listen to each and every students’ oral production due to limits of the teacher-student ratio. This unfortunate situation meant that in the past some students spoke in Cantonese in the entirety of the speaking lesson, or perhaps worse so, did not speak all. Things have changed however, since the introduction of webcams, through which each and every student is connected to a peer from our partner school in Victoria, Australia. Using a headphone and an earpiece, a student can chat, debate, or sing with a native speaker from overseas—a far cry from what had happened before webcams were installed. In addition to encouraging students to speak more, the webcams enable learners to evaluate their performance by allowing them to view the playback of their conversations, which is a situation where a stone—the webcams—kills two birds—allowing for...


2017: Gender

Before I hand the floor back to the opposition, I’d like to point out that there are three issues our opponents have failed to dispute, namely, in education, the notable absence of women in tenure and management positions despite girls outperforming boys in entering college; in politics, ... Our opponents today painted a picture in which men and women are treated equally and I wonder whether that’s the case? Praise for women rings hallow if when discrimination is pervasive. Does our opponent happen to understand the true scale and severity of gender discrimination in Hong Kong? Without a doubt, Hong Kong is not a gender-fair society.


2016: Quality of life

The release of the index in your latest article is a timely reminder, showing us that, while Hong Kong still flares well as a commercial and financial centre, we need to rethink whether we are taking good care of ourselves and those around us. Granted, economic development is the engine and cornerstone to the development to the rest of the society. Our obsession with it, however, has infested so many of us in such a way that, if not rectified, will soon be beyond redemption. What is our price to pay to obtain economic development?


2015: Kong kids

Have you heard of the catchphrase ‘three low and one high’? I can see some of you nodding. I’m not talking about the guidelines to a healthy diet... I’m referring to the features of ‘Kong kids’, who have... low AQ... and low EQ,... these greenhouse flowerets are…My father used to have toolbox with spanners, screwdrivers, a monkey wrench, hammers, a huge mallet, you name it. Whenever the door wouldn’t lock or the toilet refused to flush, he could found a way to work around his tools and make them work again. In my view, this practical, hands-on, handy-man, problem-solving quality inside of us is being eroded down the generations. And you can’t blame our children. Instead of pointing our fingers at them, we need a deep soul-searching. Are you sometimes ‘Kong moms’, ‘Kong dads’ and ‘Kong teachers’? Are we sometimes overprotective or even doting? Do we occasionally underestimate our children? .... we will not always be there to handle every little thing for them and that dealing with one’s own problem is the sine qua non for growth.


2014: Homestay

Look no further than the example of Girls’ Generation, there are more than 5 elaborate scenes in one music video alone. Each video consists of short clips of dances and drama saturated with a plethora of props, backdrops, and costumes. These videos are so elaborate that one has difficulty looking away from it when watching. The videos are also filled with different bright colours to appeal to the teenage eyes.


Why do I have to get it?

  • In writing, markers look for good vocab, grammar, organization and task completion. Make it easier for them to give you high marks with this EXCLUSIVE script.  
  • Use this as a template and understand what HKEAA is looking for
  • moves you forward in preparing for job-seeking
  • makes your CV stand out from the crowd
  • helps you teach better, not just do well with the examhelps you regrade from CM from GM, or get promoted fast
  • saves you tons of time preparing for LPAT
  • helps you satisfy the EDB Language Proficiency Requirement
  • establishes your credibility as a teaching and language expert
  • helps you secure a proper teaching job
  • This discount is TIME-LIMITED

Writing Level 5 scripts sample COMBO (2014-2020) (LPAT writing sample)

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