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We understand LPAT is difficult - and that's why we are here to help. 

Why us?

1. We offer comprehensive coverage.

Some language schools focus on the Speaking and Writing examinations only. We don’t – in our eyes all LPAT papers are important because you need good grades in all papers in order to achieve the EDB Language Proficiency Requirement (LPR). On our website, you can find resources for LPAT Speaking, Writing, Error Corrections, Reading, Listening, and also Classroom Language Assessment (CLA).


2. We understand what you need, and what LPAT expects.

Unlike language courses by native teachers unaware of the real world, this website draws inspiration from my teaching experience in local primary and secondary schools. I understand the reality of front-line teaching – and that is EXACTLY what EDB and HKEAA look for in the LPAT content assessment criteria of your Speaking and Writing exams. Judging from the questions, writing and speaking topics, you know you need to rely on someone with local teaching experience.


3. We help you anytime, anywhere.

Teaching isn’t easy, so we make things easier, not more complicated for you. Unlike face-to-face courses where you have to travel to Mongkok after school or on weekends, we provide online notes for LPAT. You study at your own time, in your own pace. Also, feel free to chat directly with our expert through the online chat-box at the bottom-right of the website - we'll get back to you as soon as we can. 


4. We have proven and recent track record of recent LPAT success.

According to the website of a language school, its principal took LPAT in 2003. Seriously? Do you know how many times LPAT has changed since 2003? Your students probably haven’t been born in 2003. I took LPAT 2018. I have studied the LPAT question papers dating back to when LPAT started, and the exam requirements have changed a lot, especially the Writing, Speaking and Error Corrections. By the way, I got mostly level 5s in all the papers in my first LPAT attempt- stellar results! Let me help you do in the same in LPAT.

5. We provide Cambridge-educated, native-speaking expertise.  

This website is developed with the support of a British native English speaker, who graduated from the University of Cambridge. I am a BA and BEd degree holder, also educated in the University of Cambridge.


Enjoy this LPAT adventure now! Shop now because YOU DESERVE LPAT SUCCESS, JUST A FEW CLICKS AWAY. 

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