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Unbelievable LPAT VOCAB BANK

14 unbelievable word banks for ultimate vocab power boost. 


The LPAT Challenge

Humans have been pursuing the betterment of their vocabulary since the first language began. LPAT places a lot of importance on vocabulary variety and accuracy in writing, speaking and Classroom Language. Although this product is not the last stop of human's quest, it may be one of the best efforts you have seen to collect, collate. curate and categorize vocabulary for LPAT purpose.


What you get

Carefully-selected vocabulary items for LPAT takers. What you get is 14 separate word lists -- pages of sophisticated vocabulary items that you can use in your LPAT writing and speaking to sound smarter and more educated. Wow your markers. 


A taste of what you get--topics of the 14 word lists: 

  • Actions / verbs
  • Describing people
  • Describing thoughts
  • Describing feelings and moods
  • Describing speech
  • Beautiful words
  • Describing number, amount, variety, size, importance, frequency and level
  • Describing time and space
  • Describing situations
  • Describing weather
  • Prepositions and other parts of speech
  • Other adjectives and adverbs
  • Other nouns
  • Latino and French expressions used in English


How this helps

Your vocabulary can make you sound smart. Why use a simple 10-cents word when you can use an impressive $1000 word? It's not just for writing - for speaking and Classroom Language Assessment, too!



Many come with definitions, explanations, usage notes, Chinese translation, and related words. 


Buy now because you deserve LPAT success - just a few clicks away.

此刻, LPAT理想 近在眼前

Unbelievable LPAT VOCAB BANK

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