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Speaking Level 5 scripts sample COMBO (2013-2019) (LPAT speaking sample)


此刻, LPAT理想 近在眼前


What is Speaking exam scripts sample COMBO (LPAT speaking sample)?

The COMBO contains NINE EXCLUSIVE LPAT past paper sample scripts with comments so you understand what HKEAA expects. The writer of the passage scored LPAT level 4-4.5 for his speaking exam. They come at a discounted price. The discount is TIME-LIMITED.


What does the COMBO contain?

NINE EXCLUSIVE script from 2013-2019 individual presentation part. Typed. Full of grammar and vocab items that you can use in your own exam. 


They are namely:

2019: Professional development:

2018: Tutorial schools:

2018: Value of libraries (new):

2017: Co-educational schools (new):

2016: Wastefulness (new):

2016: University degree (new):

2015: Zoos (new)

2014: International brands (new):

2013: Children’s internet use (new):


Inside these products, you can find:

- NINE EXCLUSIVE script from 2013-2019

- Very detailed comments about the good practices used in the scripts


A taste of what you'll get

2018: tutorial schools

From my perspective, tutorial centres have no benefits to learning whatsoever. Just as parasites deprive our bodies of nutrients, tutorial schools are detrimental to students’ learning, and or two reasons—firstly, tutorial schools are the antithesis of independent learning and secondly, their predatory marketing tactics sabotage the vulnerable students’ motivation to learn.


2018: libraries

People who think the libraries have become obsolete because of technological advancement are perhaps trapped by a false dichotomy. Many libraries have embraced technology, using word-recognition technology to allow people to search through their collection, or introducing e-books in their collection. Instead of comparing the pros and cons of each, perhaps we should ponder how we can make good use of technologies to add value to this time-tested institution.


Why do I have to get it?

  • In the speaking exam, the examiners have to assess so many things in just a few minutes. Make it easier for them to give you high marks.  
  • Use this as a template and understand what HKEAA is looking for
  • moves you forward in preparing for job-seeking
  • makes your CV stand out from the crowd
  • helps you regrade from CM from GM, or get promoted fast
  • helps you teach better, not just do well with the exam
  • saves you tons of time preparing for LPAT
  • helps you satisfy the EDB Language Proficiency Requirement
  • establishes your credibility as a teaching and language expert
  • helps you secure a proper teaching job
  • This discount is TIME-LIMITED


Buy now because you deserve LPAT success - just a few clicks away.

此刻, LPAT理想 近在眼前

Speaking Level 5 scripts sample COMBO (2013-2019) (LPAT speaking sample)

HK$1,280.00 Regular Price
HK$380.00Sale Price
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