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LPAT writing Level 5 script (2020) (LPAT writing sample)

EXCLUSIVE LPAT past paper exam script, plus comments, so you know what HKEAA expects. The writer of the script scored Level 4-4.5 in his LPAT presentation. (LPAT writing sample)


The LPAT Challenge

In writing, markers look for good vocab, grammar, organization and task completion. Make it easier for them to give you high marks with this EXCLUSIVE script.


What you get

Take a look at the EXCLUSIVE script. Typed. Two A4 pages. Full of grammar and vocab items that you can use in your own exam.


How this helps

Use this as a template and understand what HKEAA is looking for.



Comes with very detailed comments about the good practices used in the script.


A taste of what you get-- the script

The major benefit of the seminar is helping us address mental health issues before they deteriorate. I have handled several counselling cases the past year involving......aggressive and externalizing behavior, including antisocial tendencies and methamphetamine dependance. Upon investigation, these behaviour often begin with warning signs which many students find imperceptible. A number of colleagues, in particular, reported that they could hardly discern the difference between the typical nervousness experienced before a test and an anxiety attack. While the definition of a are clear, signs may easily be overlooked. In hindsight, if these early signs were detected as soon as they arise, tragic incidents could have been avoided and valuable resources could have been saved.


A taste of what you get-- the comments

  • There is clear evidence that the candidate is familiar with the teaching context and the issues at hand, e.g. references to mental health crisis, and the mentioning of productive and unproductive ways to handle students’ disputes
  • Addressed all aspects of the question: including both the reasons for the suggested topics and the applicability of the topics to the teachers’ work
  • Sentence patterns are appropriately complex, e.g. the use of preposition phrase, cleft sentence, passive, relative clause with preposition in this sentence: ‘It is therefore recommended a mediation workshop hosted by a registered youth worker or psychologist be run, during which teachers learn skills to deescalate conflicts between students, the importance of not taking side, the ways to facilitate reconciliation, etc., through roleplaying and demonstration.’
  • One noticeable aspect is the natural coherence between the two activities. They are both about students’ socioemotional wellbeing. This allows a very smooth transition between the two points (see the first sentence of the third body paragraph/ fourth paragraph).
  • Good use of connective devices that are wellintegrated to sentences, e.g. ‘It is therefore recommended a mediation workshop hosted’ and ‘As you well know, nevertheless, this is not the case’.


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    LPAT writing Level 5 script (2020) (LPAT writing sample)

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