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3 A4 pages  to make your arguments more powerful and advanced using natural, 'high-level' vocab. 


The LPAT Challenge

Variety in vocabulary is one of the most important assessment criteria in LPAT. But HKEAA comments that LPAT candidates lack variety in vocabulary in speaking and writing. However, you can't just randomly drop some 'high-level' vocab in what you say or write - it's not going to be natural.


What you get

What you get is 3 A4 pages packed with various vocabulary items that can INSTANTLY spice up your writing and speaking.


A taste of what you get: 

- Make the title of your article instantly more attractive--grab the markers' attention

- Describe a problem in your introduction more succintly 

- Point out other people's arguments (other than using 'Some people think that')

- Give examples (other than using 'For example,')

-  Give reasons (other than using 'because')

- Propose solutions (e.g. formulate new policy, communication, impose penalty, provide financial support)

- Give a silk-smooth transition

- Explain consequences

- Offer suggestions (Hint: use the words 'ripe', 'grabble', 'holistic', 'pledge', 'allay', 'robusts', 'mull', 'detterent', 'yield' etc.)

 - Attack opponent's ideas (Hint: use 'to barely hold water', 'to think in binary')

- Write a thought-provoking final paragraph


How this helps

Helps you enhance vocab variety in different parts of your writing and speaking. 



It's not just for writing - for speaking and Classroom Language Assessment, too!


Buy now because you deserve LPAT success - just a few clicks away.

此刻, LPAT理想 近在眼前


HK$160.00 Regular Price
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