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LPAT speaking exam script (2020) (LPAT past paper speaking sample)

EXCLUSIVE LPAT speaking exampl past paper sample script, plus comments, so you know what HKEAA expects. The writer of the script scored Level 4-4.5 in his LPAT presentation.


The LPAT Challenge

In the speaking exam, the examiners have to assess so many things in just a few minutes. Make it easier for them to give you high marks with this EXCLUSIVE script that I wrote (I got level 4.5 in grammatical and lexical accuracy and range, and 4 in organization and cohesion).  


Topic: working abroad


What you get

Take a look at the EXCLUSIVE script. Full of grammar and vocab items that you can use in your own presentatin. Typed. 


How this helps

- Understand what the examiners expect of you.

- You can have a template and  structure to follow.

- You get a sense of what is good enough for level 4-4.5 from this example.



Comes with very detailed comments about the good practices used in the script.


A taste of what you get-- the script

My second point is that you put yourself in a vulnerable position if you move somewhere where you are unfamiliar with the job market. Have you ever wondered if you are paid fairly? Does your colleague sitting next to you, who is similarly experienced and similarly capable, gets roughly the salary as you? This kind of information is generally seen as highly sensitive, and confidential. If you live somewhere long enough, however, you will probably know roughly how much someone in your position makes, and whether the company is ripping you off. However, this is not the case for workers from oversees. They lack the market information about how much is reasonable. Not convinced? Take a trip down tourist areas and see how much more they charge for the same product you can buy in a non-tourist district. You may say that it means only a few hundred dollars off your paycheck, but in fact, it could mean that you unknowingly fall prey to employers who go to great lengths to harm you. Take the case of Erwianna, an Indonesian domestic helper, as an example. We know from a high-profile court case that Erwianna was abused by her employer. True, the employer was ruthless, and had to take the blame. If this, however, had happened in Indonesia, where Erwianna knew the laws, knew who she could call her help, and where she could seek refuge from, the outcome might have been very different. In fact, according to some testimonies of maltreated domestic helpers, they did not seek help for fear that they might lose their contract and had to be repatriated. The causality is clear. This kind of abuse would not have happened had the employees involved were locals who are more informed of the labour protection laws and employee benefits laws.


Comments are included.


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LPAT speaking exam script (2020) (LPAT past paper speaking sample)

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