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LPAT speaking exam script (2015)  (LPAT past paper speaking sample)

EXCLUSIVE LPAT speaking exampl past paper sample script, plus comments, so you know what HKEAA expects. The writer of the script scored Level 4-4.5 in his LPAT presentation.


The LPAT Challenge

In the speaking exam, the examiners have to assess so many things in just a few minutes. Make it easier for them to give you high marks with this EXCLUSIVE script that I wrote (I got level 4.5 in grammatical and lexical accuracy and range, and 4 in organization and cohesion).  


Topic: Zoos


What you get

Take a look at the EXCLUSIVE script. Full of grammar and vocab items that you can use in your own presentatin. Typed. 


How this helps

- Understand what the examiners expect of you.

- You can have a template and  structure to follow.

- You get a sense of what is good enough for level 4-4.5 from this example.



Comes with very detailed comments about the good practices used in the script.


A taste of what you get-- the script

Would you rather be locked in a prison that has the décor, service and amenities of a five-star hotel, or roam free but have to fend for yourself? While this is a thought experiment that most of us, nothing to do with Middle Eastern royalty politics, can dismiss as a hypothetical question, it is a face ethical dilemma facing those who run and visit zoos, practically luxurious prisons for animals.


A taste of what you get-- the comments

Comments (organization and cohesion):

  • The RitzCarlton opener was surely quirky and surely did capture the attention of the audience and illustrated the main point which is echoed throughout the presentation and also at the end—one would rather be free than to be confined no matter how nice the confined space is.
  • The topic sentences nicely sum up the main points of the paragraphs.
  • The main points are related but not overlapping: a lack of space leads to boredom and diseases, breeding programmes are not what they primise, and that there are better alternatives to educating the public.  
  • Ideas developed and progressed logically in each part with ample of examples, especially that of Tasmanian devils, giant pandas, Copenhagen Zoo and Giza Zoo
  • The conclusion invites the audience to imagine being confined for the rest of the life. This proves to be thoughtprovoking and succinctly illustrate the main point about the importance of freedom, compared with having to sacrifice one’s freedom in exchange for protection.
  • The conclusion also widens the discussion to a broader animal conservation discussion.


Comments (grammatical and lexical accuracy and range):

  • Correct and sometimes sophisticated use of grammar and vocabulary
  • Correct use of complex sentences and a wide range of sentence patterns. Notably examples include: ‘thus motivating…’ (adverb clause), ‘might have difficulty finding mates’ (gerund), and ‘These poor birds could have lived a happier and healthier life if they had been left alone.’ (third conditional)
  • Notable examples of good use of vocabulary items include ‘poaching’, ‘sanctuary’, ‘entirety’,’ euthanized’, ‘mimic’, ‘Amazon or the Serengeti’ and ‘excruciatingly painful’
  • Collocations use correctly, e.g. ‘dismiss as a hypothetical question’, ‘thought experiment’, ‘socalled’, ‘pose a threat to’ and ‘gained notoriety’


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LPAT speaking exam script (2015) (LPAT past paper speaking sample)

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