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LPAT speaking exam script (2014)  (LPAT past paper speaking sample)



EXCLUSIVE LPAT speaking exam past paper sample script, plus comments, so you know what HKEAA expects. The writer of the script scored Level 4-4.5 in his LPAT presentation.


The LPAT Challenge

In the speaking exam, the examiners have to assess so many things in just a few minutes. Make it easier for them to give you high marks with this EXCLUSIVE script that I wrote (I got level 4.5 in grammatical and lexical accuracy and range, and 4 in organization and cohesion).  


Topic: International brands


What you get

Take a look at the EXCLUSIVE script. Full of grammar and vocab items that you can use in your own presentatin. Typed. 


How this helps

- Understand what the examiners expect of you.

- You can have a template and  structure to follow.

- You get a sense of what is good enough for level 4-4.5 from this example.



Comes with very detailed comments about the good practices used in the script.


A taste of what you get-- the script

A few years ago, a fury amongst Chinese people, especially residents of Beijing, was sparked when Starbucks decided to open its latest branch, out of all the places they can choose in the capital of China, in the Forbidden City, the heart of Chinese culture. Many see this move as a symbol for a global brand to invade Chinese culture. And it’s not just China, around the world concerned members of the public from have voiced concerns over how international brands are wiping off the local countries of their unique cultural identity. They have raised important points about how these multinational brands are invading the local culture and customs, but as much I respect their view, I cannot agree with them because of two reasons: global brands do not damage the local culture they operate in, and they do not lose their own cultural identity of where they come from.


A taste of what you get-- the comments

Comments (organization and cohesion):

  • Exemplary use of the introduction. The anecdote points out the controversial nature, offers background information and captures the attention of the audience
  • Effect use of punchy topic sentences to indicate change of topic and main points. The topic sentence is preceded by a leadin sentence, notably: ‘Those who are well-travelled will know for sure that Starbucks and McDonald’s offer different menus in different parts of the world. Essentially, these global brands have to adapt to the local customs in order to be successful and sustainable in individual markets, and this celebrates, instead of sabotages the unique cultural identities of different countries.’
  • Transition is smooth, notably: ‘Not only are they a part of local cultures they serve, I would say that they promote the local cultures that they represent and come from.’
  • Conclusion contains an effective summary of main points and a wise expansion of discussion. The conclusion offers a new direction of thinking.


Comments (grammatical and lexical accuracy and range):

  • Correct use of complex sentences and a wide range of sentence patterns. Notably examples include: ‘Not only…’, ‘neither…nor…’
  • Notable examples of good use of vocabulary items include, ‘sprezzatura’, ‘enshrined’, ‘tagline’, ‘impair


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LPAT speaking exam script (2014) (LPAT past paper speaking sample)

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