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LPAT speaking exam script (2018)  (LPAT past paper speaking sample)

EXCLUSIVE LPAT speaking exam past paper sample script, plus comments, so you know what HKEAA expects. The writer of the script scored Level 4-4.5 in his LPAT presentation.


The LPAT Challenge

In the speaking exam, the examiners have to assess so many things in just a few minutes. Make it easier for them to give you high marks with this EXCLUSIVE script that I wrote (I got level 4.5 in grammatical and lexical accuracy and range, and 4 in organization and cohesion).  


Topic: Library


What you get

Take a look at the EXCLUSIVE script. Full of grammar and vocab items that you can use in your own presentatin. Typed. 


How this helps

- Understand what the examiners expect of you.

- You can have a template and  structure to follow.

- You get a sense of what is good enough for level 4-4.5 from this example.



Comes with very detailed comments about the good practices used in the script.


A taste of what you get-- the script

People who think the libraries have become obsolete because of technological advancement are perhaps trapped by a false dichotomy. Many libraries have embraced technology, using word-recognition technology to allow people to search through their collection, or introducing e-books in their collection. Instead of comparing the pros and cons of each, perhaps we should ponder how we can make good use of technologies to add value to this time-tested institution.


A taste of what you get-- the comments

Comments (organization and cohesion):

  • Clear sense of progression of arguments, starting from individual, ending with civilization
  • Transition is smooth, notably: ‘But it’s not just my own personal preference. The library serves a social purpose…’
  • Conclusion contains an effective summary of main points and a wise expansion of discussion. The conclusion offers a new direction of thinking.


Comments (grammatical and lexical accuracy and range):

  • Correct use of complex sentences noun clauses, relative clauses and participle phrases, creating a wide range of sentence patterns. Notably examples include parallelism: ‘you can touch it, flip it, smell it, skim and scan it’
  • A good variety of vocabulary items good, including idioms and collocation, notable examples include, ‘unanimously’, ‘not to mention’, ‘wellcurated’ and ‘unapologetically’


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LPAT speaking exam script (2018) (LPAT past paper speaking sample)

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